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How agtech innovation is helping Canada feed a hungry world

With support from TELUS Agriculture and 5G, today’s food producers are embracing technology to increase yields, and advance environmental and economic sustainability. 

How Telus and the University of Victoria designed a different kind of MBA

The telecom and university worked together to create a specialized MBA program that focuses on collaboration
Do you take cellphone?

Wireless hang-up

Ottawa’s unprecedented efforts to woo Verizon have sparked a fierce backlash from Canada’s carriers

Verizon, the Big Three, and what the heck is spectrum?

A breakdown of the arguments in the wireless industry battle
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Why Canada’s wireless industry needs Verizon

The Big Three carries have enjoyed their own ’unfair’ advantage for years, writes Jesse Brown

Google and Bell deny roles in mass surveillance of Canadians

What does Edward Snowden mean for Canadian companies?
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Rivals Bell and Telus spend $3-billion in very different ways

Which high-stakes strategy will pay off best for the future of communications
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The Liberals jump on the cellphone airwaves bandwagon

Once consumers embraced the idea of a set-aside, politicians followed suit

Dispelling fears of foreign telecom ownership in Canada

Time for Cabinet to lift restrictions and welcome the barbarians at the gate

In the future, we’ll all be Bandwidth Hogs 

The people being derided as hogs are simply early adopters