How a premature move to electric trucks could hurt Canadian consumers

Opinion: Electric trucks could be an emissions game-changer, and companies are buying in—but the math doesn’t quite add up, and details are scant
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What if Elon Musk is right? What if none of this is real?

What are the consequences of the possibility that our world is the product of millions of computer simulations? Can it get us out of chores?
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Excited for Tesla’s Model 3? You should be—you’re paying for it

Subsidies will play a huge part in the success of electric vehicles like the new Tesla Model 3. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.
Solar panels of local mining company CAP are seen in the Atacama Desert

Will Tesla’s home battery really bring power to the people?

Tesla’s Powerwall battery pack could help homes go off-grid. Just don’t toast bread and make coffee at the same time.
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Newsmaker of the day: Elon Musk’s no-polish, all-persuasion pitch

Can Elon Musk’s new product, the Powerwall, fundamentally disrupt the fossil fuel industry?
Car at supercharger station. Theo Civitello/Tesla Motors

Why gas stations are in decline in Canada

As the number of gas stations plummets, they’re gradually being replaced with charging stations for electric cars—and a new way to think about ’filling up’

A morning with Tesla’s Model S

Test drive or amusement park ride? Chris Sorensen on his spin in a $77,800 electric car
Pakistani schoolgirl Malala reads a card as she recuperates at the The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham

Good news, bad news

This week: An electric vehicle wins car of the year and Pepsi launches a "fat-blocking" soda in Japan
Building buzz

Tesla’s electric SUV is building buzz

But can the company’s latest model rescue the troubled automaker?
Stuck in first gear

How electric cars got stuck in first gear

Electric cars are hitting showrooms, but people aren’t buying