Ontario Premier Doug Ford visits Canadian Hospital Specialities (CHS) helping them take dual COVID-19 testing swab kits and separating them into two units to help with swab capacity during the COVID-19 pandemic in Oakville, Ont. on Jun. 8, 2020. (Nathan Denette/CP)

Has Ontario learned anything from SARS?

Timothy Sly: The regions that experienced SARS in 2003—Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Ontario—mostly demonstrated a stronger and more effective response to COVID-19. The one exception was Ontario, which still seems to be confused and indecisive.

A man is tested at a mobile COVID-19 testing clinic on May 12, 2020 in Montreal. (Ryan Remiorz/CP)

A significant increase in testing is necessary to restart the economy

Isaac Bogoch and Goldy Hyder: Currently some 35,000 COVID-19 tests are performed across Canada on a good day. We should aim to double that.

Where provincial coronavirus screening websites are falling short

A new report says Canada needs a unified approach between the provinces on online screening and testing, and that some patients might be getting bad advice

We don’t need exit exams but quit hating on tests

Prof. Pettigrew on the Collegiate Learning Assessment

In defense of the good old-fashioned exam

Take-home exams just aren’t the same

USask “levelling the playing field”

Students can be admitted without provincial exams

Student has heart attack during exam

Doctors blame exam anxiety, heart condition


Electoral fraud? Tell it to the judge.

COYNE: The Tories were gaming the system, but transfers of campaign funds are not illegal


Nikki Finke Hates Ben Silverman, Chapter XVIIIIII

You may have seen that Nikki Finke posted a report on audience-testing data for Parks and Recreation, the new Amy Poehler show from the producers of The Office. Even granted that a) anything Ben Silverman executive-produces for his own network is an irresistible target and b) no one can resist speculating that a new, much-hyped show is in trouble, that seems like kind of a low blow. Focus-group responses don’t tell you much about how well the show is doing, and this report doesn’t suggest that it’s in any more trouble than any other show.


What your test scores don’t say about you

A new study finds negative stereotypes can mask people’s academic abilities