Maclean’s Investing New Year

Here’s why investing at the start of the year is so important

If you wait until the last minute to invest in your TFSA and RRSP you could miss out on thousands of dollars over the long run
Bill Morneau

Bring back the $10,000 TFSA

Opinion: Politicians have come to see taxpayers as sheep to be shorn, writes Mark Milke. Canadians can reverse that by demanding a return of the $10,000 annual limit for TFSAs

The Liberal changes to TFSA contributions were actually historic

In rolling back TFSA contribution limits, the Liberals broke a nearly six decade trend
Joe Oliver

Who benefits most from tax-free saving?

Hint: It’s not the poor, says public finance expert Rhys Kesselman
Kevin Milligan

Stop pretending the TFSA expansion won’t be felt until 2080

The TFSA expansion means that by 2025 almost no one under 40 will pay tax on investment income. We should at least debate whether that’s bad or good.
tfsa piggy bank

Why TFSA doubling will exacerbate income inequality

The tax change would ’impose a fiscal straightjacket on future administrations’
Joe Oliver

Higher TFSA limits are not the enemy

Why stop everyone from saving more, just to stick it to the Daddy Warbuckses out there?

TFSAs (as they are today) aren’t terrible

We make assumptions about low and modest-income Canadians, and spend too much time worrying about people gaming the system