The Commons


The Commons: Stephen Harper is very sensitive

And Pierre Poilievre calls us all to a higher purpose

The Commons: Keystone XL and Peter Penashue are both great

Stephen Harper champions a pipeline and the former MP for Labrador
Vic Toews

The Commons: Vic Toews’ real world

Imagining what other reality TV shows the government might approve of
Missing image

The Commons: Think of the F-35 as a Senate with wings

Though at least the Senate can operate in cloudy weather
Question period

The Commons: Kevin Page as Lord Voldemort

The NDP attacks the Senate, the Senate questions the PBO
John Baird

The Commons: John Baird, Pierre Poilievre and the hypocritical oath

The gleeful master of gotcha and the Minister of State for I-Know-You-Are-But-What-Am-I?
Tony Clement

The Commons: Tony Clement would prefer you disregard his estimates now

Rest assured, the Conservatives are saving money. Somehow.
Bob Rae

The Commons: The age of austerity, as not seen on TV

In light of spending cuts, perhaps a new advertising campaign is in order

The Commons: Senators need not fear unemployment

Diane Finley explains the difference between a quota and a target

The Commons: How do you solve a problem like Mike Duffy?

You’d be surprised what adjusting riding boundaries can accomplish