The Commons

Peter Penashue

Why do we have an Intergovernmental Affairs Minister?

The Commons: Time for Peter Penashue to justify the existence of his portfolio
Vic Toews

The Commons: Less acrimony from Vic Toews, more questions for him

The Commons: The Public Safety Minister makes himself clear
Vic Toews

The Commons: Vic Toews again imparts his judgment

The Public Safety Minister on the case of Ashley Smith
Canada’s interim Liberal Leader Rae speaks during Question Period in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa

The Commons: Horrible reality intrudes

Bob Rae holds the House with questions about Ashley Smith
Tom Mulcair

The Commons: How big is your budget?

Halloween in the Commons: Time to shame the committee chairs
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The Commons: Like a lawfully authorized bridge over navigable waters

It is to the Macdonald government’s eternal shame that it did not enact a proper FAQ in 1882
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John Baird’s guide to polite conversation

The Commons: ’So much for the Leader of the Opposition raising the tone of political debate in this place’
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The Commons: The space-time continuum and the memory hole

The Speaker called for oral questions and the game of charades was rejoined