The Commons

Question period 20120330

The Commons: Peter Kent invites you to celebrate his work

"This is a great occasion for Canadians to celebrate what this government is doing"
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The Commons: Peter Kent promises two hours of enlightenment, delivers only one

The Environment Minister is only so generous with his time
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The Commons: John Baird and Thomas Mulcair haggle over segues

RhetoricalIy speaking, it was a dazzling duel
Diane Finley

The Commons: Smiling Diane

When you smile, the whole world smiles with you--sometimes
James Moore

The Commons: No questions asked

Just as there haven’t been answers these last few weeks
Ted Menzies

The Commons: Help Wanted

’Mr. Speaker, I actually have some examples here of what constitutes suitable employment’, reported Ted Menzies
Thomas Mulcair

The Commons: More than 400 pages and still short on details

Funny how the opposition can’t seem to find much in this budget bill

The Commons: John Baird saves your family

Or perhaps the minister misspoke...