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The ethics of restricting speech on social media

There are good reasons for tech companies to prohibit hate speech on their platforms. But their status as private organizations is not one of them.

Are we ready for the brave new world of artificial wombs?

In deciding whether to use artificial wombs, we need to revisit one of the oldest and most important questions in philosophy: What is a life worth living?

Should older people lose the right to vote?

Some have argued that disenfranchising the elderly would allow younger people to make decisions about their future, but is it really that simple?

Volunteer holds box containing donated toys

Should you sell things you get for free?

Give-away websites allow participants to exercise generosity and build community, but some recipients are turning them into a way to make money

The ethics of police using technology to predict future crimes

Using computer models to determine where crime is most likely to occur could reinforce police biases about neighbourhoods with ethnic or racial minorities

The dangers of mail-in genetic testing

The risks from home-based genetic testing kits to privacy as well as people’s health appear far greater than the supposed benefits

Does reclining your airline seat make you an awful person?

It’s not just a question of whether it’s unethical to recline, but also whether airlines should even install reclining seats in the first place

The case for pressing pause on Facebook Live

The ethical problems Facebook is now confronting with its live video streaming service should have been addressed before it ever launched

The ethics of putting eye scanners in nursing homes

As eye scanners come to nursing homes, they raise questions about how we’ll use technology to contend with an aging population

How financial literacy programs can do more harm than good

By making it seem as if financial well-being is more a matter of choice than circumstance, these programs reduce sympathy for those living in poverty.

The trouble with companies asking workers to get microchip implants

If your employer offered to inject a small microchip into your hand to replace all the keys and passcodes you need for work, would you accept?

There’s nothing moral about a morality pill

We can’t even agree on what morality requires, so designing a morality pill is a conceptually impossible task, writes ethicist Daniel Munro