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TORONTO, ON, DECEMBER 6th – 2014 – Film director Peter Jackson.

The Interview: The Hobbit director Peter Jackson

Director Peter Jackson on his last Tolkien movie, his favourite villain—and why his kids haven’t read Lord of the Rings

Mythic history vs. magic realism: Oscar loves Lincoln and Life of Pi

Canadians can celebrate a foreign-language nomination for ’War Witch’ and music nods for ’Life of Pi’ composer Michael Danna

The week’s good news and bad news

From Don Cherry mastery of Twitter, to the U.S. no longer being able to pay its bills
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Video: Brian D. Johnson on The Hobbit and Hyde Park on the Hudson

Both Bilbo Baggins and FDR are portrayed with panache, but the movies? Not so much.

Great expectations dashed: ’The Hobbit’ and ’Hyde Park on the Hudson’

3D hits the wall with ’The Hobbit’; a limping Murray makes a fine FDR but the movie is lame