The Iron Lady

Margaret Thatcher—‘She led, she didn’t follow’

‘She led, she didn’t follow’

No British politician today can escape the shadow Margaret Thatcher cast over the nation
Margaret Thatcher—the walking personification of true grit

Margaret Thatcher—the personification of true grit

Barbara Amiel on a barrier-breaking outsider
The mother of Canadian Conservatives

Margaret Thatcher—the mother of Canadian Conservatives

Paul Wells: Thatcher’s legacy will weigh heavy on Harper as he pays homage
Prime Streep

The shape-shifting Meryl Streep

The left-leaning actress has a new-found respect for Margaret Thatcher’s conservative politics
Clash of the biopic titans

Clash of the biopic titans

Monroe, Thatcher, Hoover, Freud—Hollywood is turning into the history channel
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The Clintons are pleased to announce almost nothing, Arcade Fire’s class act, and Rowan Atkinson’s cunning plan