The King's Speech

FILE PHOTO:  Biopic Roles Traditionally Lead As Award Season Begins With Golden Globe And SAG Nominations

TIFF 2012: Here comes King George VI again

Queen Elizabeth’s dad is portrayed in film again this year in ’Hyde Park on the Hudson," starring Bill Murray
That woman is back

The rehabilitation of Wallis Simpson

Two new biographies and a film by Madonna attempt to change our perception of ’that woman’
Newsmakers: May 5-12, 2011

Newsmakers: May 5-12, 2011

Donald Trump gets sued, Rita Chretien is found alive, and Don Cherry is angry about something again
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Cringing, while waiting for my fantasy lover

Best Actor Colin Firth didn’t disappoint. He gave an amusing, literate acceptance speech.
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Why Harvey Weinstein wants to cut ’The King’s Speech’

Sanitizing the Oscar front-runner is just the movie mogul’s latest outrage

’Social Network’ rules, but Colin and Natalie are prom king and queen

Fincher and Sorkin friend Zuckerberg; Giamatti thanks "the great nation of Canada"
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Top 10 movies of 2010

Brian D. Johnson picks his personal favourites from the year’s silver-screen releases
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Horrifically good movies

The best movies of 2010
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No more the forgotten king

A new movie and book remove shy George VI from history’s footnotes