The Netherlands

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Dying wishes in a time of pandemic

Image of the Week: Here’s one business the coronavirus can’t touch
State Visit Of The King And Queen Of The Netherlands – Day One

Queen Máxima of the Netherlands is Europe’s most interesting royal

As the Dutch royals visit the U.K., the popular queen with the lively, worldly spirit might be able to pass on some tips to Britain’s duchesses
Party Leaders Meet In Parliament Following Election Result

In The Netherlands, a Pyrrhic victory against nationalism

Geert Wilders didn’t become The Netherlands’ PM—but a patchwork parliament and still-rising tides makes Mark Rutte’s win far from clear-cut

How to legalize marijuana? Go Dutch

Our laws may soon be laxer than Holland’s—and a lot more corporate
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Tiny country, big people: Why the Dutch tower over us all

How a small country became a land of big people in stunningly short order

Refuge for Cindor Reeves

Why the brother-in-law of a former Liberian president was granted immigration status in the Netherlands
The feminism happiness axis

How Dutch women got to be the happiest in the world

Few Dutch women work full-time—does this mean they’re powerless, or simply smarter than the rest of us?
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Dutch MPs approve ban on kosher, halal slaughter

Parliament passes bill banning slaughter of livestock without stunning it first
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The Dutch abortion ship sails no more

A move blamed on growing conservatism in the Netherlands