The North

Nunavummiut await the treats delivered to Kuujjuaq by May (Isabelle Dubois)

Kuujjuaq pilot Johnny May has flung candy out of his plane on Christmas for 55 years—until now

The flying Santa of Kuujjuaq—brother of Governor General Mary May Simon—is getting down to earth. Or so he says.

Grocery receipt from Kyra Flaherty. (Kyra Flaherty/@arcticmakeup/TikTok)

This Nunavut grocery receipt shows just how pricey food is in the North

Northerners face the highest rates of food insecurity in Canada. A receipt from a recent shopping trip in Iqaluit illustrates the problem.

The Canadian North is the least defended territory on earth

Never mind the Amazon, or even the Antarctic. Northern Canada is the global epitome of undefended territory.

Orthodontics a huge challenge for Northern residents

An acute lack of dental care in the North means 465 flights a year to get braces fitted and tightened

The North and the great Canadian lie

Canada is not a proud northern nation. Its Arctic is undefended, undeveloped and socially fraught.


Manitoba incentive programs aren’t about students

New programs for medical and law students are about getting professionals where they’re needed, not student aid


It happens to the best of us

David Akin, National Post, August 18. But the day wasn’t without a snag. A release from the PMO spelled the Nunavut capital as Iqualuit — rather than the proper Iqaluit. The extra ‘u’ makes an Inuktitut word that translates roughly, according to media reports, to “people with unwiped bums.” The typo was later corrected.


He doesn’t believe any taxes are good taxes

Except maybe for those taxes that pay for cool stuff like this. (Video courtesy of David Akin.)


So what was that all about?

The Nunatsiaq News calls it “the most expensive photo op you’ll ever see.”


Mission accomplished

Alison Crawford reflects on the exquisite precision of a Stephen Harper photo op.


Stephen Harper takes brave stand against vegetarianism

Having sampled seal, the Prime Minister will now eat only that. And is forcing his eating habits on others.


Tickle Trunk diplomacy

As our forefathers foretold, the North shall be controlled by he who stages the manliest of photo opportunities.