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Luna Elle Is an Old Soul

How this musician honed her mature, Sade-esque sound and nabbed a Juno nom—all before turning 20

A boy in a jacket and sweatpants holding a tennis racket

Montreal’s Gabriel Diallo is a tennis giant in the making

At 22 (and six-foot-eight), Diallo is a towering presence at the net, drawing comparisons to another Canadian upstart: Milos Raonic

A split photo of a young person with dark hair, light skin, and dark eyes. On the left they are sitting down and on the right they are resting their chin on their hand.

How Calgary’s Kablusiak made Inuit art pop 

The Inuvialuk artist’s oeuvre—complete with Furbies, soapstone tampons and satirical selfie backgrounds—has garnered plenty of attention, a bit of outrage and even a Sobey Art Award

Toronto Ironman triathlete Connor Emeny is about to run Antarctica

In the lead-up to his record-breaking race in January, Emeny’s upped his training to three hours a day (and added plenty of cold plunges)

The Prospect: Meet the 22-year-old CEO using AI to boost kids’ mental health

With his new app, Blue Guardian, Emmanuel Akindele is putting social media to good use

Mississauga’s Laeticia Amihere is the next WNBA star 

Basketball wasn’t Laeticia Amihere’s original game plan, but she was too good not to become a champion

Andrea Jin is a must-watch stand-up comedian (and reluctant TikTok star)

Jin puts a funny spin on what her peers feel—but don’t say

Toronto entrepreneur Anika Sawni is making alcohol-free drinks mainstream

“I saw my friends engage in sloppy behaviour and thought, why is binge-drinking so normal?”

How 16-year-old Naila Moloo is making waves as an environmental innovator

Ottawa teen Naila Moloo is developing a newer, sleeker solar panel and a plant-based plastic

Why Sujitha Shivajothi is fashion’s next big thing

Shivajothi never bought into fashion’s gender binary. Now she’s sending her form-bending designs down the world’s biggest runways.

(Photography by William Ukoh)

Canadian pop newcomer Jessia is rising to new heights

Her motivational melodies are winning over fans across the country—and some of the industry’s biggest names

Is Shaedon Sharpe the NBA’s next Canadian star?

Sharpe became one of the most sought-after prospects and a projected top-10 pick in this week’s NBA draft—without playing a minute of college basketball