Red and pink illustration of a woman with blonde hair smiling, holding a cigarette and a champagne glass in her hand

A bookkeeper stole $7.6 million from her employer. How did no one notice?

She had her boss’s unquestioning trust—even as she pilfered millions from the Halifax real estate empire she helped him build 

Vancouver cops are baiting coffee-shop thieves—with traceable laptops

E-device stings are helping to catch petty criminals who pounce when innocent café patrons leave their electronics unattended during bathroom breaks

What students are talking about today (November 13th edition)

A physics video, a lawsuit over a B+ and an unfunny Joker

Cheese wheel of fortune

The cheese theft epidemic

Three per cent of our planet’s cheese is stolen every year

The bicycle thieves are arrested

Baiting programs are cutting down on theft


First Nations University student body president stole $30,000

“Accomplishments” kept him out of jail: judge

The big steal

Shoplifting is flourishing worldwide

Why is steak on everyone’s top 10 list?


Mystery of the disappearing artwork

Why would someone steal a student’s prints?


Police blotter

A round-up of the bizarre crimes reported across the country

Signing away your savings

Joint bank accounts are increasingly being used to defraud seniors and effectively rewrite wills

crime, theft, stolen laptops

The danger of laptop theft

More than just a financial loss