things that make you go 'huh'


Elections Canada to ITQ: “That’s a very good question.”

So I was sort of musing idly about today’s (not all that surprising) announcement, and the ongoing In-and-Out saga, and it suddenly occured to me that I have absolutely no idea what limits, if any, are imposed on party spending during a by-election — specifically, spending on advertising. (I know, I know — how odd that my mind would wander, all by its lonesome, in that direction. )


Great blogging minds think alike, I guess.

Hey, did anyone catch that totally clever ironic quote juxtapositioning thingy that the Globe’s Blogolitics has up today on Robin Sears, and how he became an expert on electoral law overnight? It was even more clever and ironic and juxtapositionalicious when Aaron Wherry pointed out the exact same thing yesterday, as a follow-up to his post from the day before (which, coincidentally, quoted the identical passage as Blogolitics does today).