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A spokeswoman for Tim Hortons says its restaurants won't be selling a new Barbie made in collaboration with the coffee chain until both Black and white versions of the hockey-themed dolls, seen in an undated handout photo, are available. (Tim Hortons/CP)

Tim Hortons and Barbie: two minutes each for delay of game

Image of the Week: Tim’s was set to roll out an exclusively white Hockey Barbie when it suddenly woke up to the times
A statistics professor used his expertise in calculating probabilities to come up with a 98 winning percentage for Tim Hortons popular Roll up the Rim contest. (Photo Illustration/The Conversation)

This statistician cracked Roll up the Rim and won (almost) every time

Michael Wallace: ’I didn’t win a car or a TV or even a $25 Tim Hortons gift card, but I didn’t expect to. I won 67 coffees and 27 doughnuts.’
Tim Hortons RUTR

Tim Hortons: Roll up your personal information to win

As Tim Hortons launches its first entirely virtual Roll Up The Rim contest, a lot of Canadians aren’t thrilled with the idea of handing over yet more private information for a chance to win
A coffee and donut from Tim Hortons is shown at a Coquitlam B.C., location on Thursday, April 26, 2018. (Jonathan Hayward/CP)

Recreating the Tim Hortons menu, for the better

Corey Mintz: So long Dream doughnuts, Oreo iced capps and specialty teas (this isn’t Buckingham Palace). My version of the Tim Hortons menu, which currently features over 90 items, is going down to 18.
Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons, the Brazilian coffee chain that wants to be Canadian again

Jason Kirby: Tim Hortons has lost its grip on Canadian coffee drinkers and it’s not clear its back-to-basics turnaround plan will win them back

This Fredericton Tim Hortons drive-through is a notorious traffic nuisance

The lineup of cars waiting to turn into the Timmies often clogs a major street in the city. The solution is a $40,000 taxpayer-funded road redesign—and not everyone is happy about it.

Tim Hortons needs to stop dreaming

Corey Mintz: The Dream doughnuts look reasonably similar to their advertised versions, in the way that lesser Hemsworths look like Chris Hemsworth

Corey Mintz eats the entire Tim Hortons menu

Food columnist Corey Mintz tries everything on the Tim Hortons menu. Find out what he likes, what he hates and what he’d order again.

How Tim Hortons lost its way

Corey Mintz: waffle breakfast sandwiches, nitrogen-infused cold brew and a shiny new ’innovation cafe’—what on earth is Tim Hortons doing?