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Hollywood’s misguided fight against tipping in restaurants and bars

Opinion: Celebrities are casting tipping as yet another battle in the never-ending gender wars, but that’s unlikely to put an end to the practice—tips are a matter of economics, not sexual politics
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This is why we should end tipping in time for Christmas

Moving away from the time-honoured tradition of tipping won’t be easy, but it’s not clear the system is producing the benefits we hope it does

How much do Canadians think they should tip?

Is 10 per cent enough? 15? Does it depend on the service? Tipping advice from the people it affects the most.
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Ten things we learned about Canadians and their money

What we think about credit cards, taxing foreign home buyers and giving to charity

Why it’s time to push back against electronic tipping

Editorial: New payment systems make tipping easier—and more expensive. Push the tip jar too hard and customers eventually push back.