Same Guys, New Sitcoms

Because I’m always missing stuff, I didn’t realize until I read McGrath’s post that Fox had announced the cancellation of Back to You, touted last year as the last best hope for the multi-camera sitcom. Turns out that the Fox studio is trying to interest CBS in picking up the show, on the accurate theory that it should have been there all along. It’s a reminder of how the current habit, of having networks mostly air shows that their own studio produces, is actually not a very good deal for the studios in many ways: Back to You was courted by several networks, Fox won the bidding war in part because it was a Fox property (at least I’m assuming that was part of the reason; Steve Levitan, the talented co-creator of BTY, has been at the Fox studio for some years now, producing one flop after another). Now the studio is reduced to trying to peddle a failed show to the network that probably should have had it in the first place.