How bad is smoking pot for my lungs?

Unlike cigarettes, there is no proven link between marijuana smoking and lung cancer—though research to date is far from in-depth

Big Tobacco has become Big Vape, but it’s up to the same old tricks

Traditional cigarette companies own large parts of the vape and e-cigarette market—and they’re fighting against regulation using their old playbook
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What Canada’s plan for regulating legal marijuana gets wrong

Opinion: Canada’s marijuana plan borrows from its approach to alcohol, rather than tobacco—and that could create a commercialized, predatory industry
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Big Tobacco and mini marts take on the pot bill

At hearings in Ottawa, some heated words over how the government should handle the packaging and branding of pot
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Talking about drugs, Part Two

It’s time to ban alcohol and cigarettes
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Campus cigarette bans aren’t the answer

Where smoking is outlawed it does more harm than good
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Universities shouldn’t invest in unethical companies

An environmentalist argues in favour of divestment
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Ethical investing isn’t as easy as it sounds

Prof. Pettigrew on why universities can’t divest
woman smoking cold

Campus smoking bans are drifting too far

Puritan approach causes more problems than it solves