tsunami rotator

Japan, one year later

A lot has changed but the country is still scarred by the earthquake and tsunami
Please arrest me. Really.

Aum Shinrykyo turns himself in, finally

A member of the group behind Tokyo’s nerve-gas attacks in the 90s surrenders to police
Diapers from the mafia

Diapers from Japan’s mafia

The yakuza stepped in quickly to provide tsunami relief, and are reaping the benefits
Rising from the rubble

Why the world is wrong to count Japan out

’It might be subtle, but there’s a deep concern the country as a whole has lost its vigour’

A nation’s grief

Devastation, loss, and the aftermath: a shocking catastrophe and a heroic struggle

The aftershock

In the wake of disaster, playwright Terry Watada remembers his time in Japan

The long, post-earthquake walk home in Tokyo

Thousands of commuters were stranded when rail lines were shut down

Japan after the earthquake: ’People were very stoic’

EXCLUSIVE: Nancy Macdonald reports from Toyota City, Japan