Tony Clement

Tony Clement

Tony Clement and the breakdown in Ottawa

Stephen Maher: The MP was privy to Canada’s national security secrets, and his scandal has exposed a failure by all parties to take risks seriously

Why the opposition is responsible for all the talk of Trudeau’s torso

While Tony Clement thrills crowds with talk of ‘fiscal probity,’ Justin Trudeau tries another tack
Tony Clement

Evan Solomon in conversation with Tony Clement

The MP for Parry Sound—Muskoka is running for Conservative leader. He makes his case, and even recites a little Shakespeare.
Aaron Wherry

What price, democracy?

Answering order paper questions costs money. So does all that clapping.
House of Commons 20130327

The public fuss over the privacy commissioner

Welcome to the job, Daniel Therrien
Mark Zuckerberg

5 at 5: The government is watching you on Facebook

Also: Questions about the National Day of Honour, nuclear exercises in Russia and other top stories

When Tony Clement saved a few billion bucks

Join us for your daily dose of political theatre
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The economics of governance

Tony Clement’s coming battle

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