Top chef Canada

(Illustration by Selman Hoşgör)

How Top Chef Canada’s Siobhan Detkavich spends her money

The 22-year-old chef shares where she saves money—and where she splurges
housewives of Vancouver

Real Housewives of Vancouver have a train wreck trip in Toronto

A Top Chef taping, singing on TV and some cosmetic surgery: all in a day’s work

Top chef Carl Heinrich on how to judge blueberry pie

With bonus video of a vibrant moment in blueberry pie eating history. Spoiler alert: Scene may include projectile vomit

The Stop’s summer solstice night market

The community food centre transformed a Toronto parking lot into a feast for the senses--and taste buds.
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Canada’s top foodies open up Actinolite

The 30-seat eatery, named after an Ontario mining town, took five-and-a-half years to evolve.

Actinolite revealed, finally

A behind the scenes look at the restaurant every Toronto gastronome has been talking about

Top Chef Canada is back

And it looks like the competition is going to be fiercer than season one
The secret to cooking like a chef

The secret to cooking like a chef

If you’re thinking of skipping that final ‘stir in the butter,’ think again
Top Chef Canada

Previewing the talent at Top Chef Canada

Jessica Allen chats up the chefs at a cook-off in Toronto (VIDEO)