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How to get adult kids out of the house

A psychologist advises parents on what to say and what not to say

Inside the dangerously empty lives of teenage girls

Impressing each other with sex, booze and Facebook
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The reading list

Ten upcoming books worth keeping an eye out for this spring and summer
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The missing half of Yann Martel’s new novel

His plan for his long-awaited follow-up to ‘Life of Pi’ didn’t quite work out
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Penguin classics get a makeover

Not everyone loves the inventive type covers on this new series from the famous publisher
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The real Jesus?

An eminent historian’s surprising defence of Christ the miracle worker
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Our steamy bodice-ripper wedding

A new line of books has romance novelists embellishing the love affairs of real couples
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Is there any stopping these trout?

Satisfying demand for America’s favourite fish, rainbow trout, has created huge problems
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Cavemen who walk among us

From their workouts to their parenting styles, these modern men are fanatical in their devotion to Stone Age life
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Swifter, Higher, Partially Nakeder

The new motto of these “Winter” Games