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Why Irene Gentle isn’t going over the glass cliff

Steve Maich: The Toronto Star’s new editor joins a long list of women running major Canadian news organizations. And their futures are brighter than you’d think.

The strong, silent type

Connecting dots: Rob Ford, 15 Windsor Rd., the photo and the alleged video

Charlie Gillis on tipping points and the trajectory of political scandal

Too big to fail

Rob Ford. Unstoppable?

Rob Ford’s public soap opera is as convoluted as it is fascinating, but is there a finale in sight?


Rob Ford’s very bad day

The Mayor of Toronto, baby-snatching eagles and a story in play

Is the media fair to York University?

Analyzing the many reports of sexual assaults on campus

Rob Ford’s truth

On the allegations of drunkenness, the voters will decide

Toronto Star reporters remove bylines from stories to protest coming layoffs

Anyone reading the paper version of the Toronto Star Wednesday morning may notice something is missing — the bylines.

Top 5 ‘Top Five’ lists about the new Blackberry 10

One involves bikinis, tattoos and paper cranes


What did we accomplish in Afghanistan?

The Toronto Star’s Paul Watson spent a month in Afghanistan and reported back in a series of articles—see here, here and here—on Canadian development efforts. Julian Fantino is unimpressed.

The Scarborough shootings: Shyanne Charles, gun control, and the Toronto Star

Where to begin? Let’s start with a plea for facts.

How reading about coffee may harm your health*

Or perhaps we’re grossly exaggerating…


The frontrunner

Joanna Smith and Chris Selley profile Thomas Mulcair. The Star editorial board offers its endorsement.