Toronto Zoo

Inside the private lives of the Toronto Zoo’s giant pandas

298 pages of zoo medical records reveal the stress of pandas living—and giving birth—in a human-controlled environment

Panda-mania leaves PM’s new Trudeaumania in the dust

Trudeau, Wynne, and Tory gather at the Toronto Zoo for a very important panda-naming ceremony

What it feels like to feed the penguins at the Toronto Zoo

It’s lunchtime for these endangered African penguins that currently reside at a special exhibit at the Toronto Zoo. This is your VIP pass to go feed fish to the zoo’s black-footed penguins.

What it feels like to feed the giraffes at the Toronto Zoo

It’s just another day at the office for this Toronto zookeeper as he feeds these giraffes. See what it’s like to get so close to the world’s tallest land animal.

Goodbye Toronto Zoo elephants. We’re sorry.

The city could have done better, writes Barbara Amiel

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There’s an ape for that

Orangutans and gorillas go bananas for tablet computers

And offer zoo researchers insight into their brains

Buddy met Pedro

When Buddy met Pedro

Toronto’s gay penguins will see their bond broken for the good of their species

Gorillas on a diet

Gorillas on a diet

Toronto Zoo gorillas are eating more but losing weight. Could a high-fibre diet do the same for people?