Military Commission Hearing Begins For Canadian Detainee

Yes, sleep deprivation is torture

International and Canadian law leaves no doubt: what Omar Khadr experienced in Guantanamo was torture
Adam Capay going into court in 2012. (Jeff Labine/DougallMedia/

Fifty-two months of torture and the four men responsible

Scott Gilmore on the case of Adam Capay, and how the province of Ontario allowed his horrific torture to happen
Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Senator Feinstein (D-CA) listens to an aide before the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on the House-passed Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act reform bill while on Capitol Hill in Washington

Congress and CIA battle over torture investigation

America is trying to come to terms with its secret use of torture. If only the CIA wasn’t getting in the way.
Iranian Revolution

Tribunal finds Iran guilty of torture and murder of political prisoners

But the quasi-judicial process has no legal standing