Tour de France

Lance Armstrong

In pursuit of Lance Armstrong: A chronicle of cycling’s greatest fraud

Jonathon Gatehouse reviews Seven Deadly Sins by David Walsh
UCI Strips Lance Armstrong of Tour de France Titles

Liar, liar, Lance on fire

2012 Newsmakers: Lance Armstrong’s arrogance in the face of incontrovertible truth. Livestrong, as if.
A tour de force

Inside Cervélo: the Canadian maker of some of the world’s fastest bikes

The race is on to make the company, which outfits some of the top riders, a global brand
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Ryder Hesjedal: skill, technology, tactics and physiology

The Canadian cyclist’s win at the Giro d’Italia took training, skill and the right genes
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The final tour

Accusations of cheating are louder than ever as Lance Armstrong gets on his bike