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‘We can’t afford to blow this moment,’ Bailey says of the push brought on by Floyd’s death (Photograph by Kwaku Kufuor)

Listen to Donovan Bailey

Twenty-four years ago, the nation was unwilling to hear the Olympic hero’s message. It matters more than ever as Canadians finally confront their country’s own racist history. “We can’t afford to blow this moment," he says.

What it feels like to throw a hammer like a Canadian champion

Step into the cage with Canadian track and field champion Cyerra Cassel as the teenage athlete shows off her flawless hammer-throw technique, shuttling the four-kilogram metal ball across a grass field.

What it feels like to run the 100-m dash against Olympian Gavin Smellie

Want to know what it feels like to race alongside a track and field superstar? This is what it’s like to run the 100-m dash against Canadian Olympic sprinter Gavin Smellie.
A spectator wears Olympic rings sunglass

Three golds does not make Britain a track superpower

Gold frenzy has the U.K. loving athletics as it did the Beatles. Alas, 1964 is long gone
London Olympics Athletics Men

Usain Bolt’s Muhammad Ali moment

He’d won the 100 metres before leaving the blocks
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Too fast to be clean?

Why the world’s fastest man can’t run clear of controversy