trade tariffs


Canada displeased with latest U.S. move in trade spat

The government said a bill introduced Thursday in the U.S. Senate falls short of what would be required to avoid tariffs on American products
June 10 tampon tax

The ’tampon tax’ is gone, but the ’tampon tariff’ lives on

Canada still charges a ’tampon tax’ through its antiquated tariff regime, and it’s a perfect example of the red tape that’s burying importers
Ipod f

Hurray! The government just nixed end-use certificates on iPods

But Mike Moffatt still has a few unanswered questions

Pointless, unenforceable rules that no one knew existed and the government can’t explain

That’s the iPod tax controversy for you, writes Mike Moffatt
Stephen Harper

How to lower tariffs and not give China preferential treatment

The government can have its cake and eat it too, writes Mike Moffatt
butter bailout rotator

Norway’s butter bailout

A severe shortage of the fatty dairy product is encouraging liberalization–and smuggling