Masks, mops and “ugly sticks”—a look at Newfoundland’s tradition of mummering

Photographer Adam Coish grew up mummering in Labrador City. For most Canadians, his shots offer a window into another world.
queen’s douglas library

How I made my university shortlist

A grade 12 student’s five criteria for choosing a school
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Deck the halls—again

Why many non-Ukrainians in Western Canada also enjoy celebrating Christmas in January
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The gown dilemma

It’s not just Kate Middleton’s big day. It’s her biggest fashion test.
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The ring’s cycle

Princess Di chose the stone that her son’s new fiancée wears with pride
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A common occurrence

Prince William isn’t unusual in wedding a commoner—royals just don’t marry royals anymore
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Learning from past mistakes

Why William and Kate’s royal marriage may actually work out
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Date nights

From ‘wobbles’ to wedding plans: William and Kate meet, break up and make up
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A man in uniform

William hasn’t got his military duds dirty yet, but they still matter—and will on the big day
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The call of the aisle

Will and Kate will likely follow in family footsteps, wherever they choose to tie the knot