This Fredericton Tim Hortons drive-through is a notorious traffic nuisance

The lineup of cars waiting to turn into the Timmies often clogs a major street in the city. The solution is a $40,000 taxpayer-funded road redesign—and not everyone is happy about it.

Is it time to kill the funeral procession?

Drivers are less aware—and less respectful—of the fading tradition. And while accidents are rare, some argue the risks are now too high.

Traffic signs with a heart ask you to stop—in the name of love

Road signs with an emotional appeal are gaining traction locally. And they’re going international.

Toronto’s traffic time bomb: Is it too late to fix?

The impact of the Pan Am Games is real, even if local interest is low. Can Toronto’s roads handle an event nearly three times bigger than the Winter Olympics?


China cracks down on jaywalkers

Traffic wardens are targeting those on foot

Mexico by bike

Suddenly pedalling isn’t only for the poor in congested Mexico City

A roundabout way of easing congestion, and scaring seniors

A roundabout way of easing congestion, and scaring seniors

The roundabout is becoming more commonplace on Canadian roads

too many cops

Too many cops?

The crime rate is down but police forces are growing. We’re poorer as a result, but not necessarily any safer.

Greedy Rita, meter maid

Greedy Rita, meter maid

The U.K. is handing out parking tickets at record levels

Cars stopped in traffic

Stuck in traffic

Our rush hours rank with the world’s worst. Andrew Coyne has the solution.


Small union causes big trouble at CBU

Traffic backed up, elevators kaput, as students and staff struggle to get to class.


A sea of green lights

Should signals follow traffic, not vice versa?