Trent University

Harry Potter

Harry Potter course, Lesbian-only bursary & #SnowDay

What students are talking about today (February 8th)
Alexia Gezink, Kayley Marsh, Kirsten Goeckel and Dan Legault tend to the rooftop vegetable garden

Student fees support some amazing things

The real problem is rising tuition, say student leaders
Ryerson Graphics Communication Managments students at the Ryerson Students’ Unions annual orientation parade (Jessica Darmanin)

Student fees? I want my $560 back.

If we wanted these groups, we’d fund them voluntarily.
Near the residences

Campus life at Trent University

A photographic tour of the Peterborough, Ont. campus
Brendan Daniel, fourth-year Biology

Pops of colour at Trent University

Photos from our Campus Style tour
Kate Lunau

The mental health crisis on campus

Canadian students feel hopeless, depressed, even suicidal
iranian students

What students are talking about today (Aug. 21 edition)

Women banned, Niki Minaj, "oversharing" and Jack Layton
quebec flag at protest

Tuition protesters’ winning streak just never ends

Paul Wells on Minister Beauchamp’s resignation and more
Missing image

Private residence at Trent clears hurdle

Students oppose private-public partnership
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What’s Senate for me?

Are our chief academic bodies on life support?