Living on the coast, waiting for the big one

A review of "The Next Tsunami: Living on a Restless Coast" by Bonnie Henderson
WIll Ferguson

Good news ... Bad news

Another way of looking at the week
Japan, one year later

Photo gallery: Japan, one year after the tsunami

Residents fight to rebuild their lives amid ghost towns radioactive worms and disaster tourists
Life in no man’s land

Japan, one year after the tsunami

From 2012: There’s life after the disaster, amid ghost towns, radioactive worms and disaster tourists
tsunami rotator

Japan, one year later

A lot has changed but the country is still scarred by the earthquake and tsunami
Diapers from the mafia

Diapers from Japan’s mafia

The yakuza stepped in quickly to provide tsunami relief, and are reaping the benefits

Japan is rising again

Though still reeling from tragedy, the people of northern Japan remain resilient
Missing image

Atlantis—in a swamp?

A U.S.-led team of researchers, including three Canadians, says it has located the remains of fabled Atlantis

Are there lessons for Canada in Japan’s nuclear near-meltdown?

As communities line up for a shot at storing Canada’s nuclear waste, the industry’s opponents point to the Fukushima Daiichi plant