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Special legislation coming to Quebec

More smashed windows and tear gas on Wednesday
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Quebec: From Quiet Revolution to not-so-quiet student riot

Why a modest tuition hike has sparked unending protests
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From Quiet Revolution to not-so-quiet riot

Alex Ballingall reports on the Quebec student movement
Student Protests;

Quebec and students: worse than you think

Patriquin: there’s a normalcy to all this Gong Show-iness
March 22 National Day of Action

Quebec students rejecting tentative deal

15 college and university associations vote "no"
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Lakehead student reps can’t vote on tuition

Board chair cites conflict of interest rules
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85 arrested in Montreal

Tuition protest leads to violence, vandalism
Student Demo;

Quebec: Cheap degrees, but nobody’s buying

Students can’t blame tuition fees for low enrolment
March 22 National Day of Action

Judge orders protesters off Outaouais campuses

Quebec minister says she’s willing to discuss governance