U.S. government shutdown

President Trump Speaks On Border Security And The Government Shutdown

Donald Trump congratulates himself for ending a shutdown he started

Will it last, asks Allen Abel, or will Trump use the last bullet in his revolver to shoot himself in the foot?

It’s Day 26 of the shutdown and U.S. government workers are lining up for food

Republicans and Dems both claim to sympathize, but the bureaucrats aren’t hungry enough for either side to stand down
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Witness U.S. consumer confidence plummet in October

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‘A major global depression’

America’s debt problem is still huge and intractable. Worst-case scenario? Default and economic collapse

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Can Speaker John Boehner’s back-room pragmatism see him through the Republican party’s sea change?

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Luiza Ch. Savage explains why constantly redrawn electoral district lines may be responsible for the U.S. government shutdown
Janet Yellen

When will Fed chair-to-be Janet Yellen start tapering?

She’s given us some pretty good clues
Budget Battle

The U.S. government shutdown: If America sneezes...

... what happens to Canada’s economy?