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Romney vs. Big Bird: Twitter responds, Vol. 3

With the U.S. debate winding down, meme generators are in overdrive:
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Romney vs. Big Bird: Twitter responds, Vol. 2 by @FiredBigBird

As of this typing, @FiredBigBird has 8,500 followers. His profile: "Just got fired by Mitt Romney"

Romney vs. Big Bird: Twitter responds

The first in our series of Twitter replies to threats on Big Bird
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Romney vs. Obama, Round 1, #denver: Instant analysis from Maclean’s

Here’s what Maclean’s writers had to say as they followed the U.S. presidential debate
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Twitter prepares for presidential debate

Round 1: Obama vs. Romney, as told by Twitter
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Tucker Carlson’s news is not all that ’exclusive’

This just in, sort of ... not really
Obama’s baby bump

Obama’s baby bump

The president’s post-convention jump in the polls has the Republicans flummoxed
Mommy Wars

’Mom-in-chief’ provokes debate on feminism and gender roles

Anne Kingston on Michelle Obama, the ’mom-off’ and the role of women outside of motherhood
Mitt Romney

Behind Mitt Romney’s response to killings in Libya

Luiza Ch. Savage looks at the Republican campaign’s foreign-policy fumble
Democratic Convention

Rating Obama’s speech to the DNC: Good not great, as was to be expected

No match for Clinton, Obama makes an OK play for country’s soul