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Remember UBB? This is worse.

Capacity-based billing may leave Canadians in worse shape than the previous pricing scheme
Fat lady sings

On UBB, the fat lady has not yet sung

Heavy users are still going to have to pay more for Internet access

The CRTC decision on UBB: everybody hurts

It’s not usage-based billing, but it’s darn close

Google pours fuel on the UBB fire with movie rentals

Canadians are already some of the biggest online video consumers in the world

Whatever happened with UBB?

Everything is fine, right? Sort of.

Doesn’t anyone want the Geek Vote?

A massive number of Canadians are angry over consumer tech issues, and their votes are up for grabs

In the future, we’ll all be Bandwidth Hogs 

The people being derided as hogs are simply early adopters

Ottawa will force CRTC to change stance on UBB

Clement reiterates demand that regulator side with consumers
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The Internet should be fair—not free—to everyone

The heaviest users comprise just two per cent of the total
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Are the Tories bad for business?

The increasingly erratic policies of the Harper government could spell trouble for corporate Canada