UN security council

Justin Trudeau Donald Trump

On foreign policy, Trump and Trudeau are birds of a feather

Opinion: A former diplomat on how both Trump and Trudeau are espousing weak foreign policy—and how that might be a bigger problem for Canada
War now? Or war later?

Israel and Iran: War now? Or war later?

For Benjamin Netanyahu, the question is not if, but when to bomb Iran
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Why today’s Iran nuclear talks in Baghdad come with a lot of baggage

And why Washington and Tehran must learn to trust each other nonetheless
This week : Good News / Bad News

This week: Good news, bad news

The military council provisionally ruling Egypt has scheduled a referendum on constitutional reforms, while forces controlled by Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi gained ground in the country’s civil war
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Dilma Rousseff: Her own woman

Will Brazil’s first female president bring change, or is she just ‘Lula in a skirt’?
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Poor Pakistan

Obama’s recent trip snubbed Islamabad, and underscored how important relations with Delhi now are
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Searching for the Liberal Party. Day 3.

AARON WHERRY reports from Canada 150: today the party tackles the world
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Six years later, Mulroney has yet to give us a convincing account of his deal with Schreiber. Can we really leave it at that?