Universal Basic income

The CERB gave Rennie the financial support and time she needed to plan a new business (Photograph by Carmen Cheung)

Has enthusiasm for the CERB paved the way for a universal basic income?

The economic salve of the CERB has changed attitudes about income assistance as COVID-19 has exposed fragility in many facets of the Canadian economy—but UBI is not without its critics
A worker is seen smoothing concrete at a development prior to a news conference at a construction site in Toronto on Jan. 16, 2020. (Cole Burston/CP)

Canada needs crisis basic income now

Ken Boessenkool: An immediate, crisis basic income of $2,000, delivered through the tax system might just be what saves working Canadians during the coronavirus pandemic
Jean-Denis Frechette

A universal basic income in Canada is more realistic than you think

Opinion: Prosperous societies have a duty to explore a universal basic income, says Hugh Segal—and we’re already testing the idea here in Canada
Pierre Poilievre

What would a guaranteed basic income cost Canada? Just $43 billion.

The Parliamentary Budget Officer modelled a national program at the request of federal Tory Pierre Poilievre, who had some harsh words for Ontario pilot on which the report was based
UBI Explained, feature image

Universal basic income, explained

Murad Hemmadi breaks down how universal basic income works and why governments are starting to test it out.