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What the state must learn about higher education

The core issue in today’s education may be the miasma of sanctity that surrounds the concept, says Colby Cosh

New university presidents at Toronto and McGill

Paul Wells on a leadership change that could be more significant than most cabinet shuffles
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Quebec universities: the McGill problem (hint: it’s not a problem)

Paul Wells explains why Quebec’s summit on universities is almost certain to be a gong show
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Ethical investing isn’t as easy as it sounds

Prof. Pettigrew on why universities can’t divest
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Out now: the 2012 Maclean’s professional schools rankings

Our much-anticipated Law School Rankings plus what’s hot in engineering, medicine, M.B.A.s and more.
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Thanks to a donor, Harvard now has a Falik Men’s Room

Wealthy alumni are buying up naming rights to universities’ bathrooms
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Lessons from Lukács

How the traditional university is under attack from all sides