University of Manitoba Students' Union

U of A engineering students

Future engineers unhappy with student unions

Lobby groups tend to oppose major engineering employers
marijuana flag

Israeli Apartheid group booted, marijuana in class & Quidditch

What students are talking about today (April 15th)
Martha Terffa, Uche Idigbe, Nawal Tajdin and Maureen Gathogo hang out in the International Resource Centre

An argument against a racialized representative for U. Manitoba

Spencer Fernando: We are more than the colour of our skin.
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Interactive graphic: the online ballot boost

Voter turnout (%) in campus elections from 2009 to 2012
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It’s happened before and it will happen again

Minister of State for Democratic Reform slings mud at student politicians .... once again
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The new Jerema

One student takes a critical look at the UMSU election, and reminds me of Carson Jerema in the process.
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Student lobby group sues students’ unions

CASA could lose credibility over suits: student leader