U.S. military

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Meets With Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland

Can Chrystia Freeland talk some sense into the Americans?

Allen Abel reports from the U.S. Capitol, as Canada’s foreign minister (and ’Diplomat of the Year’) makes a desperate plea for U.S. restraint
USS Little Rock,

The U.S. Navy’s newest warship is stuck in the ice in Montreal

The $440 million USS Little Rock may be “sleek, agile and deadly”—but it’ll have to wait for the spring thaw to prove it
1941 :  Japanese raid on Pearl Harbor

Identifying Pearl Harbor’s unknown sailors

An anthropologist explains the significance of an effort to exhume the remains of those killed on the USS Oklahoma
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U.S. military develops self-guiding bullet

A revolution for ground forces, but experts worry about the technology being leaked into civilian hands
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Obama announces a leaner U.S. military

The president insists forces will remain ’agile, flexible and ready’ despite billions in defence spending cuts
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"Don’t ask, don’t tell" officially ends

U.S. military ban on openly gay service lifted
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Mitchel Raphael on three very important political wives

Harper draws the line, The Conservatives’ secret weapon, She’s pregnant! Is an election due?
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The trouble with security

Leaked military documents reignite the debate over hiring private security firms in Iraq, and Afghanistan
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Forget everything bad I said about robots

I never grasped that we are the flesh-based problem to which they are the solution