U.S. Supreme Court


An unlikely conspirator in Prop 8’s murder

How an anti-SSM Supreme Court justice provided an argument to lift the ban
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Conrad Black’s final battle

A stunning U.S. Supreme Court ruling has cast his conviction into doubt. Can Black’s lawyers turn it into a vindication that would see him walk free?
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Where have you gone, Rutherford B. Hayes?

The President gets to play rock star once a year with the Vice-President and the Speaker of the House as his rhythm section
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"Austin is a dud and we’re getting rid of it. Never happened. Off the books. Fuhgeddaboudit."
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Obama goes against conventional wisdom

Is the President’s new Supreme Court pick a dig at the media?
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Obama’s first Supreme Court pick

Sonia Sotomayor: What the White House says, what the critics say
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After the detention, a betrayal

Jailed after 9/11, he’s suing the U.S. government. But he’s left victims too.
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Will it be election chaos?

Technical glitches and partisanship may complicate U.S. results