Antler Restaurant

In defence of veganism

Opinion: An anti-meat protest outside Toronto’s Antler restaurant went viral. But not all vegans should be painted with the same militant brush

Gluten-free baby: When parents ignore science

Inside the troubling and dangerous rise of alternative medicine for kids
Beets and Grapefruit from Planta in Toronto. (Photograph by Chris Robinson)

The mighty vegetable is taking hold in a cooking revolution

The vegetable is leading one of the most important evolutions in haute cooking in decades

Vegetarians, divided: The rise of the flexitarian

Cheeseburger-loving flexitarians are driving a vegan boom—to the ire of some

Q&A: Where the climate movement gets it wrong

Keegan Kuhn, the creator of a documentary that turns the climate movement on its head, argues that only the right diet will save the planet
Alberta dodge ball

What students are talking about today (Sept. 28 edition)

Dodgeball record, PETA billboards & Western homecoming
The how-to guide to going vegan

The how-to guide to going vegan

Try almond milk with your cereal, and remember, ‘broccoli is 30 per cent protein!’
Pest control for vegans - It’s complicated

Pest control for vegans. (It’s complicated.)

Even de-fleaing a dog can be a problem. After all, "fleas are living beings, too."
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Betty crocker goes vegan

Taking the meat out of classics like rack of lamb proves challenging
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Fake cheese that’ll make vegans swoon

Some can’t contain their excitement about a new, meltable (invented in Canada!) cheese alternative