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Why Ruby’s not the first and an MP’s wedding


BTC: Fantasy baseball

Back when Maxime Bernier took his leave, there was much hueing and crying about the Prime Minister’s promoting an unqualified—but pretty—MP to the front of the government’s benches. Of course, the outrage of this only holds if you assume that Mr. Bernier was advanced ahead of several more qualified peers. And that is a dubious claim at best.


BTC: Omar Khadr Outrage Watch

The NDP’s Joe Comartin, speaking at a Feb. 25 press conference alongside the Bloc’s Vivian Barbot and Liberal MP Dominic Leblanc: “We did not play our proper role in protecting Mr. Khadr’s right. And this press conference … is our signal to the Canadian people, and more importantly, to the Canadian government, that we are not going to remain silent anymore.”Total number of questions asked by the newly unsilent opposition in the three weeks since: Three.The Bloc’s Caroline St. Hilaire asked one question on Feb. 26. Pauline Picard, also of the Bloc, asked the other two questions on Mar. 14.