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Your boss won’t know you’re a pothead!

A portable herb vaporizer that offers ‘smokeless freedom’ is flying off the shelves
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This week’s travel news

The Volcano Is Resting...Here Come The Hurricanes, Canadian Passports Going Digital, and Where Is WestJet Going Next?
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This Weeks Travel News: Porter’s IPO Prospectus Reveals Not-So-Rosy Picture

Porter’s IPO Prospectus Reveals Not-So-Rosy Picture
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The volcano that choked a continent

How an eruption in Iceland resulted in the longest and most expensive flight delay in history
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Volcanic ash doesn’t pose health risk: WHO

Particles remain high in the atmosphere, organization says

No end in sight for havoc of Icelandic volcano

Planes are indefinitely grounded, and this eruption could trigger a larger volcano nearby
Volcanic ash falls over Europe (15 of 15)

Ashen skies

GALLERY: Volcano beneath Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull glacier continues to belch smoke and ash into Europe’s skies

Ash falls over Europe

Europeans are told to stay indoors; and more planes cancelled after Wednesday’s volcanic eruption
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Volcanic ash disrupts airspace

Thousands of European flights canceled; officials unsure of when flying may resume