vote splitting

Hehr piece: Fallout from the Calgary-Centre federal byelection

‘The Liberals and the NDP are zombie brands,’ writes Colby Cosh


On the impertinence of the NDP: a (vote-)splitting headache

(UPDATE: I’ve changed the title of this post. The author of the Globe article I link to, Éric Grenier, sent me a note telling me he didn’t like my calling his a “Liberal analysis.” I don’t like to pin partisan tags on people who don’t want them, so I take that part back. And while I’m at it, I’ll repeat that I have less problem with his article than with the headline. – pw)


United left test case?

Stephen Harper was talking global financial turmoil and national health care in Victoria today, but a lot of the chatter in the corridors of the hotel where he spoke was strictly local politics.