voter turnout

Ontario election 2018: Four decades of voter turnout in one chart

The voter turnout for Thursday’s election reached a nearly 20-year high. But the highest turnout was decades earlier.

This election, pick a reason—any reason—and vote

A raised middle finger, a silent thank you, or a helping hand. Whatever your vote represents, you just need to cast it, writes Scott Gilmore

Get to voters while they’re young

Preventing shoddy voter turn out should start as early as elementary school

The partisan problem is spreading

Editorial: Ford Nation lives, as does the political nightmare of caustic partisanship

Let’s lower the voting age to 16

The Twitter generation is engaged and deserves a say

Will no one rid us of these turnout nerds?

Our voter-turnout figures are low by historical standards partly because we lowered the voting age in 1970. Why would lowering it again fix things?


The kids are, you know, fine and stuff, I guess

Elections Canada has released its national survey of young adults. Three-quarters of them claim to be voting and they generally seem okay with the state of things.


Our gerontocracy

Frank Graves considers the ramifications of declining voter turnout.


The patient is unresponsive

Jane Hilderman argues that people won’t vote if they don’t think the system is truly accountable.


How low can we go?

Kate Chappell relates a tale from the polling station.

Ontarians: voting with their butts for Nobody

Get ready for the Voter Turnout Nerds: you’ll be hearing from them today


The popular mandate

I ran these sorts of numbers a few years ago, so, for the sake of argument, here are this year’s election results as a measure not of votes cast, but of total possible votes (based on the preliminary result of 61.4% turnout).