Demonstrators protest outside of the U.S. Supreme Court Tuesday, May 3, 2022 in Washington. (Jose Luis Magana/Associated Press)

Leaked document suggests U.S. court could undo Roe v. Wade

Politics Insider for May 3: Angry so-cons; the love-fest in Ontario
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Testifies At Joint Senate Commerce/Judiciary Hearing

The evil Doktor Facebook pleads his case in Washington

Mark Zuckerberg was more Frankenstein than John D. Rockefeller as he begged forgiveness of U.S. senators, reports Allen Abel
U.S. Pres. Trump and Chinese Pres. Xi

Welcome to a world no longer led by Moscow and Washington

Scott Gilmore: While America slinks into isolation and Russia jokes on Twitter, Beijing is shaping the world order
Students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in

How American kids brought the gun reform fight to the streets of Washington

Isabela Barry lost her best friend in Parkland. How she and her classmates came to Washington to sing, rage and show America what change will look like.
Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) Announces He Will Not Seek Re-Election And Rebukes President Trump In Senate Chamber Speech

Seven most searing things Jeff Flake had to say about Donald Trump’s America

Republican Senator Jeff Flake delivered a scathing speech in Washington this week, warning about the threats that Donald Trump’s politics pose to American democracy and decency. Here are his seven most powerful points.
Construction Continues on the Museum of the Bible Which Opens in November

Inside Washington’s strange new $500-million Bible museum

Funded by billionaire creationists, the museum of the Bible is getting attention mainly for what’s missing: lots of evangelizing
President Trump, Conservative Leaders Address Value Voters Summit

Donald Trump’s best day yet

Allen Abel in Washington: While tackling Obamacare and Iran, Donald Trump finds his adoring flock at the Christian Values Voter Summit
Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit – Day 2

Justin Trudeau’s mission to save NAFTA

On his trip to Washington, the PM will keep trying to befriend the volatile Trump, but the options to salvage the deal are narrowing
A pair of cowboy boots is shown in the street outside the concert venue after a mass shooting at a music festival on the Las Vegas Strip in Las Vegas

After Las Vegas terror, GOP lawmakers hem and haw

Another mass shooting, another day in Washington. ’It’s hard to eliminate people who are madmen, no matter what we do,’ says one senator.
Oakland Raiders v Washington Redskins

To sit or stand? It’s Sunday night in the NFL.

From the parking lot up to Section 412, fans of the Washington Redskins came to watch some football, and talk about their basic rights